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Malifaux: Sonnia Criid. Everything burns (25ss). (English version)

Yesterday I played Malifaux using my Sonnia Crew. Step by step I'm learning to play with this master. At the beginning she seems to be easy to play, but the true is she is more complicated.

We take Sonnia's Starter and add two Guild Hound blister. Here the list goes :

Guild Crew - 25 - Scrap

Sonnia Criid -- 7 Pool

Guild Hound [3ss]
Guild Hound [3ss]
Guild Hound [3ss]
Guild Hound [3ss]
Witchling Stalker [4ss]
Witchling Stalker [4ss]
Witchling Stalker [4ss]

The Guild Hounds add 2ss to Sonnia's pool. Sonnia need a lot of soul stones, it's no strange that you use 3 or 4 stone in the same turn.

Sonnia and the cards in your hand.

Now we are going to talk about what card are useful for this crew. It is interesting two suits: tomes and rams. What is interesting have in your hand?. Low value tome, high value tome, high value rams and low value cards.

Low value tomes are used to cancel enemy's spells using "Advanced Counter Spell". Take care when you use the discard 2 cards option, if you play versus a master that uses a lot of magic your discard all your hand very quickly.

High value tomes. In the 4th turn it is normal that your soul stone pool is empty. You can't use "Confiscated Lore" action and you have to use tomes from your hand to cast spells.

High value rams. Used to make critical strikes with the witchling stalker or eliminate tokens with the Hounds. 

Low value card.  Whe you use "Flame Burst" you can target one of your miniatures. ¿Why do it?. Because you can control the duel and get the severe damage to make blasts templates.

Hard life.

It is very hard be part of Sonnia's Crew, you can be burn by her spells or converted into a witchling stalker. That list is used in this way, a lot of cheap minions with good defense and skills like evasive or magical resistant.

You have to make more wounds to your enemy than the amount of damage you receive. When you cast "Flame Burst" you should get medium or severe damage. With the trigger "Explosive Burst"  you can expand your area of destruction.

When it's useless

Master or minions who don't receive damage from blast (for example, freikorps or Kaeris) or reduce it armor+X, evasive or magical resistant.

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